Ladies of Mercy Projects


We are now sponsoring the Morning Glory Retreat we have one lady who has completed the retreat. And two who are working on it. Your can do it with me any day we can get together or meeting once or twice a month. The Book is very open to whatever schedule works for you. There maybe a time you would want to meet and discuss something you read.  The book is being paid for by Ladies of Mercy a donation would be appreciated. 


We will be collecting baby clothes for Catholic charities for those who decided not to abort their babies.

 • newborn items boys and girls  • diapers • little outfits • undershirts,  • any others items you think will be appropriate. 


 • toothpaste • toothbrush • combs • hair brushes • shampoo • hand creams • body soap • conditioners • etc.


 • coupons for diapers  • blankets  • etc.  


• religious reading materials • large print puzzles  • cross word puzzles • etc


We are constantly adding new projects to our list. Love never stops thinking of different ways to show our love for our brothers and sisters.   

We have also sent money to Africa for the babies dying from lack of food. 

On May 13th and 14th we were selling roses for Mother's. Day.

I Would Like To Thank Everyone Who Donated To The Ice Cream Social For Maxim Elementary.

I over heard two little boys discussing the ice cream social one said I like the M&Ms while the other said he like the worms.  Apparently they are excited about the Ice Cream Social. It is important to provide a positive activity to keep children motivated which we are trying to do. We made $381 ice cream social cost of $152 flowers cost $142 and $102 donated for dictionaries. The dictionaries were presented to the fifth graders at the graduation ceremony. The parents were very appreciative of the gift it was almost like someone was giving them a chance in middle school. The facualty has helped out for several ice cream socials this year to see their positive interact with the students is good to see .

Next year we will be getting roses from FTD. The quality will be better. 

Our collection of personal hygiene items has been slightly slow items like:
toothpaste, toothbrush, sanitizer, razors, shaving cream, dental floss, deodorant,  handi wips, etc.

"There but through the Grace of God goes I" 
We recently delivered a trunk for the free clinic. We want to start again since there is always a need for those less fortunate. 

Glasses are still being collected as well. 

Later this June 
We will be gathering to evaluate the years projects and news to begin veterans, shut-ins etc.


On October 20th 2016 we had our first ice cream social of the school year. Several of our members and help from the staff made it a delightful experience. As you can see by our pictures it was a GREAT SUCCESS for all 450 students!
Our next social is in January. If interested in helping check out our website for updated information on our future ice creams socials or contact




February 2017 we will be out of the country so we will not be selling roses for Valentine's Day.



At the feast day mass on Sept 24th, 2016 the Wooden Bowl reminds us of the Wooden Cross, on which Christ hung, the White Fluff reminds us of the Cloud on which Christ rose up to heaven, and the Dove of Peace which we have in our heart and are called to share with others. Please keep all of us in your prayers helping when you can.


We have a new member, Wanda Fleming. She is asking for donations for dark color T-Shirts which she makes into bags for the undeserved men and women supplying personal hygiene items.  Please drop items off in gift shop.  Thank You!!!




Ladies of Mercy will be collecting used prescription eyeglasses to be distributed to those men, women and children in under served  countries of the world who are in need of them.  Our Blessed Trinity glasses will be going to Tanzania, Africa, through the Volunteer Optometric Services to Humanity (VOSH) organization who will sort, pack and ship them.  Please place your glasses in the basket provided in the Diaconia Office.  Thank you for your donation. – Marilyn Cisek

August 15, 2016

Thank you for your overwhelming response of glasses.  Our basket runneth over!!!  

September 24, 2016

We will be celebrating the Feast of Our Lady of Mercy with a mass at 9 am and a presentation.  A brunch will follow at 9:45 am at the Magnuson Hotel Marina Cove, 6800 Sunshine Skyway Lane, St. Petersburg.  You may purchase tickets for $12.00 from one of our members. We hope everyone who helps will come and get a peak at this years opportunities to spread the love of Mary for all God's children.




Suggested New Projects:
1. VOSH Recycle Eyeglasses for People in Underdeveloped Countries:
    Marilyn Ciseck will coordinate
2. Cross Catholic Outreach - Ask for Donations for Child Health in Africa:
    Barbara Reardon will coordinate
3. Morning Star School - Ask if there is any way we can help.
4. Cradle for Baby Supplies in October.
5. Thanksgiving and Lent - Food Collection.

Decided to Keep the Following Activities:
1.  Maximo Elementary - Reward for Good Behavior.
2.  Roses for Valentines and Mothers Day.
3.  Parish Picnic -  Help with Games and Decorations.
4.  Collection for Homeless will Continue.


Old Fashion Picnic Review - June 12, 2016
Our picnic is our last activity until September we have many volunteers and plan on having fun with desert at 3 pm, ice cream and cookies and more.  Love and prayers to all of our friends and workers.

Maximo Elementary Project Review

The good news is that Maximo Elementary scored a "C" grade this year.  Our group would like to think that in some small way we helped.

It is important to our community to Celebrate Success whenever and wherever it occurs.

Our concluding activities at Maximo were:

  • Bernie Young donated dictionaries on June 6. Barbara Thomas presented to the fifth graders a dictionary. Each student going on to middle school received a dictionary. 

  • On Monday June 6th, Barbara Thomas took the time to explain the importance of a dictionary as well as how to accept an award. The students were very respectful of this. 

  • On Tuesday at the moving up ceremony, Barbara Thomas gave out certificates for good behavior and took the time to explain the ice cream social.  Parents were very aware as well.

Ladies of Mercy now to include Gents!

Mothers Day - May 8, 2016
We will be selling roses.  Roses are $3.00 for one and 2 for $5.00. See you after mass that week. 

Ice Cream Social
Our Ice Cream Social has been very successful. We had our third social for approximately 390 students.  We will be selling roses again for the year end social.

Collection for the Homeless
Our collection for the homeless is ongoing. Razors and disposals are still needed.

Well for the African Children
Fr. Collins spoke about villages without fresh water in Africa. Several of us thought if we could collect $500.00 and if 500 people give One Dollar we will have $500.00 for Fr. Collins. Our group will be collecting after masses on a few weekends.

Valentine's Day - February 14, 2016
We sold all 100 of our roses with a net profit of $150.00. Thank you for all those who helped make this a success.