Ladies of Mercy Calendar



February 18, 2018 Update

For the month of January we took 6 very large bags to the Free Clinic.

We also sent a trunk load of items to Bay Pines for our Vets.

There is a book call Morning Glory which gives a beautiful perspective of Mary's Importance to
   all of us. It is a beautiful prayerful experience.

We are thinking of taking on another challenge which is reaching out to those who are unable to
   get to church on a regular basis. It would be a short visit to some of our parishioners (about
   30 mins. a week or month) depending on both people. Please pray for us and this new endeavor.

 We are still collecting for the Homeless as Jesus stated "the poor you will have forever".

As we continue on our journey of faith, we continue to help the poor. Scripture tells us, we will have the poor with us always. I feel an urgency to help the poor and hopeless in whatever way God directs me. I have a thirst to learn more and to do more. I have discovered a book, 33 Day Retreat To Morning Glory. It has helped me with my thirst for doing God's will.

Then, I discovered, 33 Days To Merciful Love, which I am reading now. Jesus through Mary has drawn me even closer to Himself through Mary’s complete love for all sinners.

After sharing with Fr. Wayne my discovery of Morning Glory, the Red Books could be replaced by Prayer Books for all. We have a display in the back of the church of prayer books. What a gift! Take a look when leaving the church. Our love for those little ones should never waver or be forgotten for we are also little ones in God's eyes.

Collection for the Veterans was very successful. We were able to get Nathan Witt, the volunteer coordinator, to pick up our donations approximately $100 worth.  

Maximo Ice Cream Social was canceled until January. When I get the date, I will let you know. They are supplying the ice cream and we are bringing the M&Ms. It is encouraging they see the advantage of rewarding instead of always punishing.  

Free Clinic - We have another truckload, which will be delivered this month. Thank you for the small items. No Home means – you carry everything with you. Imagine carrying everything with you and no place to call your own.

In Summary

It is important that you know that your support is important to us. Whether it is financial, donation, or doing these acts of mercy for each other and our little ones.

–Barbara Thomas


 People often ask how they can become a Lady of Mercy volunteer. Ladies of Mercy help makes life more abundant for all! Please contact Barbara Thomas for more information at (727) 867-3317.